Congratulations to all those who have decided taking part at the competitions!

Be bold enough to be in the competition is already winning!

Live each competition as a growth and improvement opportunity, express yourself through technique and creativity and prove yourself with your creations. These are the real gold medal in a competition. Your goal is have fun!

Competitions’ Ticket

Download the rules relating to the 2021 Competition and register now by sending an email to

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3 reasons why come and visit the show

1. Get involved: participating is already winning!

Having the courage to participate in a competition is already a victory. Create your art work, take part in competitions and get involved too! The goal is to place your cake on that table together with many others and to be able to say “I’m here too”. What is worth more than any prize? BE THERE. Get involved, participate, spend time with friends and have fun: this must be your ultimate goal!

2. Be inspired by the great experts and become an expert, too!

At the Festival you will find many inspirations, from the artists who have managed to follow their passion by transforming it into a profession. Creativity, knowledge and craftsmanship are the right ingredients to start. Follow our courses and demos, participate in competitions and dive into this sweet world!

3. Great rewards for brave participants!

Each competition has a wide range of emotions, and your courage to participate is tested on many themes. For the first time at the Italy International Cake Show there will be prizes for the courageous participants offered by the sponsors and the organization. What are you waiting for, participate and discover the wonderful prizes, one of the lucky ones could be you!