“Choose the job you love and you won’t work even one day”


Flour, milk, butter and eggs.
And still. Sugar paste, almond paste, plastic chocolate, glaze, marzipan.
Molds, food colors, brushes and precision tools.

If you love the world of Cake Design, then you are in the right place.
Are you already a professional or an enthusiast with art in your hands?
It doesn’t matter.
The Italy International Cake Show is the show fair that will surprise you!
You will find the best suppliers of products, the news of the sector and you will have the opportunity to compare yourself with other artists like you: the perfect way to transform your inspiration into innovative ideas.

But it doesn’t end there.
Guests of the event, talented professionals who will be at your complete disposal for those who, like you, want to turn a hobby into a creative and rewarding work activity.

Dreams come true!
At the Italy International Cake Show you can meet the artists you love.

The Italy International Cake Show is not only a container of ideas but also and above all of the artists who made the decoration technique famous all over the world.
Cake Design.
Whatever the specialty you are most passionate about, you can get to know the best professionals who inspired your passion at the fair.

Never surrender. The last key is the one that opens the door

Paulo Coelho

The main ingredient of all recipes?
The pantry of the Italy International Cake Show is full of courses, demonstrations and workshops, held by creative and well known professionals.
An interactive experience, a mutual exchange to improve and expand your skills.


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